Wednesday, June 23, 2010

365 day 205 extremes | Calgary photographer

Let's see.
Nephews arrive around 7. 4 hungry kids. clean the kitchen. make pancakes. Feed the hungry. 4 fed kids who are going nuts. All of us leave the house at 9. After chaos that always surrounds getting 4 kids close in age out the door in one piece. Someone has to pee, 2 got mosquito spray, 2 didn't, someone has to do more than pee and they HAVE to do it upstairs. Oh ya and they don't wipe themselves lol. Someone has lost a shoe, someone has lost a motorcycle, someone else needs to pee. Someone fell over. The dogs need their collars. All 4 kids need water. Oh. So do the dogs. The stroller is in the car. The kids are walking the dogs. No wait the dogs are walking the kids. Oops a kids fell in that scenario. Who has their hoody on? Oh Ro has lost his. Why don't mom ALWAYS know where the kids stuff is? Now one kid is mad. GREAT. Someone is STILL missing a shoe. Someone else needs to pee. A dog has already gotten her collar off. I'm already exhausted.
Let's walk. and walk. and walk. Because SOMEONE decided Shawnessy only needed a couple of parks. And none close to us. ooooh the sun is out. Oh boy the sun is out.
And we're at the park. The clouds are looming but not over us. Gram is there. Wow. HOT. 4 kids on the swings. ALL chanting as loud as they can 'RAIN RAIN GO AWAY COME BACK ANOTHER TIME'. FOR EVER. No really... for ever. We scared people out of the park. Kids go and play. One is crying wanting help on the monkey bars. 3 see this and run to the bars for their turn to be carried across. Back to swings. Back to the chant. Lucky us.
Walk home. double the time from the walk there. Kids are tired. Kids are hot. One takes his shirt off. One is crying. One needs a break. They all want a slurpee. I am hot. and tired.
Home. 4 hungry kids. make lunch. Auntie comes to pick up her brood.
Kids are getting tired. Gram helps them plant their seeds that have sprouted. WAHOOOOO they sprouted! It's getting cool out and the clouds are closer. Gram leaves. We leave to pick up milk. Kade falls asleep. 7/11 it is. And home again. Kade is OUT. Leave her on the couch. Ro is bored. Try to work. Try to clean. Kade is not wearing a diaper. You can imagine what happened there.
Thunder cracks.... oops better clean up the yard before it rains. Put the stroller in the car. Take the freshly planted seeds in. Take the sidewalk chalk in. Clean up the backyard. Raindrops. LIGHTNING. Run inside. Hello wind, hail, and oh yes.... TORNADO warnings!
Dion's home. Supper? ok..... BRB we need butter.
2 hungry kids and 1 hungry hubby. Make supper. bedtime. One kid is thirsty. Oh now the other one is too. They both keep coming out of their rooms. Pour on the threats. That works! clean up time. work time.

What is this? Recipe for a great day. Wouldn't have it any other way! And if you've read this far... thank you. I owe you a minute of your life back ;)

I wanted all 4... but they were all swinging so randomly it never worked out.

She is ridiculous. Keeps yelling some spanish phrase from Diego. Really funny. Trust me. You want to laugh!

Oh yes! They sprouted!

Lucky me! I have gotten to practice with the awesome light that is my window a few days now... sleepy kids! I love love this lighting :)

Had to hold Rohan back from collecting the snow. The lightning was too intense. Of course Rohan being a kid fears nothing lol.

Hmmmm sidewalk, street, or river???? Still happy we live near the top of the hill.

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  1. Wow! Crazy day! I love the one of all three on the swings!



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