Saturday, June 5, 2010

365 day 188 a fort to remember | Calgary children's photographer

Ahhhhhhh sweet memories. I love reliving my childhood through my children. Today was the day that just went on and on and on and on and ok I think you get it!
Dion has worked every for what feels like ever. Ever seen those episodes on Dr Phil.... you know the ones where the mom is a closet alcoholic?
I know why this happens. OK not really. But some days I do live vicariously through their stories. When you are the only grownup in sight for over 3/4 of your day, and when you spend that whole day (and let's be real sometimes the night too) with your kids it slowly wears you down. ESPECIALLY when all they want to do is be outside but the weather is just not on your side.
You really start slowly losing it. Today was one of those days. I stayed up late last night and then had some crazy nightmares during the 3 hrs of sleep I did get. Kade fell out of bed. I kept hearing noises. The blinds were banging because it got winy out. Oops I forgot to shut and lock the downstairs window.
To top that off - I forgot to close Kade's blinds so she was up at the crack of STUPID (as one of my friends lovingly calls it!)

And of course. Dion had to work. I got everyone ready for soccer and it started raining. So I got them unready lol. And then.... I thought. Self you have 2 choices here. Let them sit and watch movies or fight all day while I be grumpy and lay on the couch praying I can get 20 min of sleep before the next fight breaks out knowing that will never happen OR find something fun to do.

Well. Fun won.
We built a fort. We played in it from 9am to 5 pm. My butt HURTS. We have hard wood floors. We played K'nex all day. We had a picnic. And I remembered being a kid and doing the exact same thing at home. And how cool and fun and HUGE I thought forts were. And now my kids thought the SAME THINGS. And laughed. It was a good day. My kids had so much fun and so did I. Sometimes..... you just have to forget about you and focus on them. And somehow it ends up making you feel better.

No judgin on colors here. Seriously you try taking a pic in a fort where DIRECT sunlight showed up as soon as I grabbed my camera and shon on half the fort, and being surrounded by brown hardwood floors and beige sheets hahahaha NOT PRETTY!

1, 2, 3 on ROHAN!

The mess this left behind was CRAZY. Thanks Kade for pulling it all down on your way to bed tonight. Super helpful ;) See the sunlight? It got SO HOT in there.....SO HOT!

She is eyeing up the roof here. She could stand in some spots... but really she is just looking for parts to stand up in and cause the roof to crumble on us. It was her job to drive us crazy knocking the roof down. She should get a raise. She is that good at her job!

He was so happy to be in his own little fort. OK it was not a fort according to him. That would mean we had boxes like Auntie Jenny. Ours was a tent.

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