Friday, June 4, 2010

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I started taking pics in the morning. It was such a funny day in our household yesterday.I spent half of it completely laughing at *ahem by at I mean WITH* my children. And the other half wanting to throttle them. Kadence has got that girly whiny voice perfected. And it is so not good. Seriously... it is like nails on a chalkboard. And I heard it All.Day.Long.

They have gotten used to be outdoors and playing and now that it's cold and icky they have been couped up again. Which is killing them. Or me. Or all of us.
It started out rocky and ended worse. In between grandma and I took them to a movie. Shrek. Don't take little kids. You will thank me you didn't later.

In between all the crankiness, the grouchiness, the tears and all the fighting were moments of complete silliness. Moments that make up for the rest. Moment that just make you LAUGH.

Here are the moments.... don't mind all the different processing. I am testing some presets and was using them on everything lol.


My kids (yes both of them. Kade does EVERYTHING Rohan does. I am starting to wonder where his brain stops and hers begins!) take this VERY seriously.

PICTURES. I take them very seriously. You probably didn't know that about me ;)


We all take those pretty seriously around here. I can not get over how much kids know and learn. What are their lives going to be like when they are our age???


That is very serious business around here. Kade had us ALL cracking up. She was dancing around wither her eyes closed the whole time. She fell on the floor, into the window, over people, on dogs.... it was hysterical. Not only was she dancing with her eyes closed - her version of dancing is around and around in circles. She could barely stand at all by the end of it!

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  1. LOVE the dancing!!! That is sooo awesome! That pic of you is great too!



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