Thursday, June 3, 2010

365 day 185 | Calgary children's photographer

Ahhhhhh remember the days when you were a kid and licking the beaters was simply one of the best things EVER???? OK really... I still try to hide out in my pantry so my kids don't get to them first. Kidding. No not really :)

Yesterday I made this CRAZY good supper. Really it was awesome! Dion has been working so much and I have been on a cooking hiatis (translation - I hate cooking supper and I got tired of it so I started making crap that comes from a box or is premade lol). I thought it would be really nice for him to come home to a nice homemade dinner. So I got a roast, made some mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed veggies... it was a great spread!
Which of course meant he called just after 6 to say he wouldn't be home for supper he was still working. OF COURSE! Always the way hey? The kids must have been starving... they devoured it like it was a grilled cheese! About half way through Ro came to sit with me and very sweetly said... Mom could you PLEASE make me a grilled cheese sandwich I am still soooo hungry. Of course I said sure - if you finish ALL your dinner, because you still have some left! A few minutes later he looked up and said OK think I'll go finish eating now! And he did... every last crumb. Even the potatoes. WOW. That means it was the best dinner EVER :)

So......I never thought I would see the day my kids would fight over licking the beaters.... FROM THE MASHED POTATOES!!! hahahahaha

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