Tuesday, June 8, 2010

365 day 190 like father like son | Calgary photographer

Rohan would be in the garage with Dion all.day.long. if he could. And if it wasn't a total danger zone I'm sure Dion would let him! He loves loves to be out there, helping daddy and trying out all of his tools. He hasn't been allowed in there for awhile as Dion started his new business which means even more tools and there's not much room to walk around in there anymore! But he did get a suprise and caught him out there... so he got to be with him for a little bit.

Funny story of the day. Rohan has really gotten into Transformer movies. I'd rather stick a fork in my eye but whatever! While getting ready for bed he farted. He yells out while making transformer movements 'TRANFARTERS!!!!!' hahahahahahaha too funny!

He didn't like it. not.one.bit.

I took some pics of Dion cutting tile... they came out pretty cool! I was too scared to get close though and wish I had more than my 50 on.... didn't want anything damaging my baby!


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