Thursday, June 10, 2010

365 day 193 grandma....there ARE child labor laws you know!

Kids are so funny. SO FUNNY. Grandmas I swear have the knack for getting their grandkids to do anything. ANYTHING.

I mean really does THIS look like a kid that really wants to vacuum?

I mean really grandma. These kids were up at 5 stinkin am this morning. They are NOT in the mood to do chores. And if they are - it is going to be done at our house!!!

Poor little girl... look how big that vacuum is compared to her - this was really hard for her!!!!
I felt sooo bad for her.... but grandma really wanted her to clean the carpets today!
And I wanted to take pictures *smirk* gotta brush up on the speedlight you know!

And I am totally kidding. Really Kade and Rohan had a collision running across the basement and the crying was because of that. And my kids wanted to vacuum.

For two reasons

the total fun of it

and 5 dollar bills.

YES in that order. I can prove it to you. When Gram gave Kade the money she threw it on the ground. 'I don't need that grandma!' She has ZERO clue what money is lol.
Rohan gave the money back to Gram as we were leaving. 'Thanks grandma I don't really need it.' WOA.

MUST start bribing my kids with money. But only until they start wanting it!!!!!!

I think grandmas get grandkids to do these wild and crazy things because really... to a little kid they really are the coolest people on the planet. They make carrot cake. And let them ice it. And have 3 in a row ;) (OK I MIGHT have let that one slide. Hey they were up at 5 AM I really didn't care about anything by 4:30) And how can a person resist a smile like this!!!!!!!!!!! (notice the bus is still right beside him hahahaha. he had to find his backpack to ensure he could lug it around with him today!)

And to finish of my day. After being up since 5 (have I mentioned that....) they did not go to sleep until almost 10! Now that's stamina. When you attempt to put overtired kids in bed - it goes a little like this:

me - OK up into your bed and let's read a story
one of them - I don't want a story
me- OK just get into bed and I will tuck you in
one of them - I can't climb up into bed waaaaaaaaa
me - I'll help
one of them - NO. I DO IT BY MYSELF
me (fighting back the urge to put them in bed or scream or both) please get into bed
one of them - ok. and gets into bed backwards. or then jumps off the bed onto me. or a combo of both
me - ok night night
one of them 0 I want a story
me - ugh. You said you didn't
them - well I dooooooooooooooooo waaaaaa
me - ok pick it
them - can I get off my bed
me - yes go get it
them - jumping off them bed, slowly walking around the room, calling the dogs, petting the dog
them - ok ok MOM
I read the story
me - ok night night here lay on the pillow and I will tuck you in
them - nooooo I DON'T want to be tucked in!!!
me - ok night night walking to the door
me - ok lay down
them - noooooo waaaaaaa
them - I'm thirsty, I'm too hot, I need to pee, I want my OTHER baby, where is my OTHER blankie..... WAAAAAAAA I want DADDY!


Then you repeat all the drama (except the reading a book part) about 3X every half hr - 45 min (or when their noise gets to you) before they fall asleep.
Ahhhhh life in the fast lane!


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