Thursday, June 3, 2010

365 day 186 well that was a flop | Calgary children's photographer

Wasn't this morning gorgeous???? That 1/2 hour of sun and warmer temps was just fantastic! When it snowed this weekend Rohan said it was because God forgot to turn off the snow. I am seriously starting to believe he forgot to turn on the heat!

I have been wanting to get my kids out and take their pics... many canvas companies have specials on right now and I really would love to get some of my kids. And some samples. Trust me - you want them! Well not of my kids.... but your own ;) But it would be nice to get them without winter coats on! Or wet butts cause the ground never dries! Not that the picture would be of their butts.... but you know they def do not want to sit down knowing they are going to get soaked!

So I thought, during this glorious 1/2 hour of summer like weather I should take my kids all dressed up and get some pics. Oh my. Disaster.
Kade is soooo afraid of bugs - she cried the whole 10 min we were out. Searching EVERYWHERE for bugs. She was ready to have a panic attack - no lie. She sees a misquito and seriously says a bee is out to get her and bursts into tears. Girls are hysterical! I had bribed them beforehand - telling them if I got some nice pics they got a popsicle. That was good enough for Ro... for one pic. And of course that turned out OOF.

She got one just for surviving. I'm SURE she thought she wasn't going to make it home alive!
He got one forgiving me the one pose that I BLEW.

And I ended up with popsicle pics.

Really.... why do I bother even trying?

Seriously cute dress. Wonder if I will EVER get the pic I am envisioning!

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  1. YOu will never get the exact pic you want. It never happens! You should use the one of your kids sitting crosslegged on the road thats in your blog header. I LOVE that one! Totally captures them!



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