Monday, June 28, 2010

365 day 211 Rohan can blow bubbles! | Calgary children's photographer

For real. Bubblegum ones!!! He finally got the hang of it while out with daddy the day before Father's Days.
And he could NOT be more proud. Too bad.... when we got home today he was already tired out from blowing them in the car.... so the ones he was blowing for his pics we super tiny - and I never caught one!!

Today was going to be THE DAY. Kaden's 3 yr old shots. However.... when the clouds were out I had no motivation to get out. Then when we were ready the sun came out. Thinking we would chance it and find shade we went and bought ballons. The wind then completely picked up and I realized it was useless. So we came home. These are the snaps of the day ;)

LOL - the Bokeh makes it look like he has horns!!!

Trying out some different positions for window lighting. Also checking some settings on my camera I haven't before. There are about a zillion on that thing lol. Learning every day!

I love his smile.

SUCH A LADY!!!!!!!


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