Wednesday, June 30, 2010

365 day 213 Kade is THREE!!!!! | Calgary children's photographer

My baby.... can NOT be three!!!

Kadence.... you are a force to be reckoned with. You have a huge heart. You love to comfort people when they are sad... are drawn to others you think need help... you love to share... and make jokes... and laugh.
You are also fiercely independent..... head strong... refuse to back down from a challenge..... cheap with your hugs and kisses..... and are constantly hungry.

As per usual you could honestly care less about you birthday. You spent most of the day hurt or crying even though your party isn't till Sunday. When we mentioned your bday... you said and then it's WOAWIE'S birthday and he will be FIVE!!! The only time you truly enjoyed it was when you got your carrot cake cupcake Gram made... you took it and sang 'Happy birthday to me' all by yourself, then ate it. SUPER CUTE.

I love you. And all your quirks. Even though some days I do not know how to let you out of the house wearing the clothes you picked out, the backwards underwear, the shorts under the pants.....or that it takes you 10 min to buckle yourself in your car seat which you insist on doing......or how you look at me completely defiantly when you do not want to listen to me at all even though you know it means TROUBLE...or how no matter how hard something is or how frustrated you get and the amount you scream you will NOT accept help....or that you wake up consistently between 5 and 6:30 am...... or that you always 'NEED SOMETHING' because you are always hungry...... or that you have to drink SOY milk instead of spite of your infuriating need to always been right when you are completely WRONG.... I love you. And I love when FINALLY you go to bed and are getting ready to sleep I hear the words 'I love you mom'. No matter what... that makes my day.


The day started of rocky. You saw the box of your present (we left it out on purpose) and looked in it. And said hey.... my present is not in here. Where is it??? Then I showed it to you. By 6:30 you were out jumping around and having a blast. By 7 you were on the couch with a frozen compress on your leg!

My sister brought her crew over. Jumping and pool fun on a gorgeous day. SWEET. Too bad all Kade did was continue having accidents. Stubbed toes, falling, you know how it goes when it is JUST NOT YOUR DAY hahahaha Thankfully... there was also some laughter and fun!

And then Gram came over. More fun! Although.... one must admit. the both of you kids were tired. A bit crabby. A lot ready for bed! But you got some sweet presents!

Just like WOAWIE.... for her that is heaven. PLUS it's tinkerbell :)

Rohan gets more excited for other people's birthdays than his own. He has been counting the days to Kade's. Getting her all excited (ok TRYING to lol)... telling her she will have friends over, presents, cake... all the good stuff. Never once does he think of himself - he is honestly excited for her. No jealousy. Nothing. So we got him a lil goop. Which is one of his fav things to play with. I hope he ALWAYS is like this... such a sweetheart sometimes!

And lastly.... this pics just goes to show how dangerous high heels are. They took them out of my closet when I was in the shower (yes.... again with the shower time lol) and were walking around in them and changing pairs leaving them all over as kids do. Well he tripped and fell on top of a heel. I don't think he will be trying on anymore heels anytime soon!!!!

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