Monday, June 28, 2010

365 day 210 nothing like a little chalk | Calgary children's photographer

to help lift the spirits!!!
The kids went with daddy to grandma's while I had an awesome newborn session today. And from the sounds of it both daddy and grandma were tired of them lol.

When I got there it was a little on the later side. WHY oh WHY am I such a magnet for accidents?????
Anyways.... poor grandma and daddy. They were ok though..and we played with some chalk before leaving. FUN FUN!!! And it got them into MUCH better spirits. Of course just in time to tell them it was time to go ;)

He's got some BIG footprints to fill :)

On the way home we stopped at Dion's Auntie Deb's to take pics of the curbs he just installed. Which ROCK.  Kade had a whoopsi moment and I was going to have to take her home naked. Auntie came to the rescue. Boy did she ever ;) This is the best room ever. And the perfect sized door. A kids DREAM!

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  1. Awwww! So cute! Did you get in an accident???? What happened?



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