Monday, November 30, 2009

365 day 34 1st day of preschool | Calgary children's photographer

The day came. I was prepared. Knowing I was going to cry I packed a pkg of kleenex lol.
Really... I almost cried registering him, I knew the tears would happen. So I wasn't actually suprised when they did. Ro didn't notice. Dion thought I was nuts. My sister had a good laugh and took a pic (thank goodness it didn't turn out lol).
He was SO excited. He was ready to go at 9 haha. Dion took the day off just to see his little boy to school and home. We went and bought him new velcro shoes for school - which he couldn't have been more excited for. Then were on our way. He figured he needed a backpack - in which he packed 3 stuffies, an airplane, a walkie talkie and his compass. And figured that was perfect. Kade also took her backpack lol.
We got to the school and waited for his cousin who showed up moments later. They picked out their nametags and waited patiently.
Well as SOON as the teacher came out I was crying lol. Ro did NOT notice... he RAN into the class, grabbed the chalk and started writing beside the other teacher. I left a total mess with D thinking I was totally nuts lol.
And we got 2 hours of QUIET :)
Went back and got him - he told me all about his day. Sounds like he had super fun! Get home and WHAM he's in timeout 10 min later. Preschool should be an all day thing!!!!!! Cause he was a MENACE! Poor Kade she missed him (even thought we forgot him when we left the parking lot) so much and he got home and wasn't very nice to her :(
Meanwhile Kade was putting on his school shoes and her backpack saying ' I am DEFINATLEY going to school tomorrow MOM'. HAHAHAHA cutie :)

Here are some pics.. I didn't get many cause Ro did NOT want them. And Kade just copies WHATEVER he says. SO ANNOYING.

getting ready to go!

waiting outside

waiting for the door to open!

he's on his way home!


  1. So sweet! Don't worry Kathy I cried Ella's first day of preschool, and I cried all morning her first day of hard one of the Mom's asked if I was going to be ok. I thought when we took her to grade one and I left the school that I had done it and not cried until we got home and I colapsed on the stairs bawling asking B if he thought she would be ok..I cried the entire day!!
    Its a tough day for Mommies!

  2. Awwww! He looked so excited! He's growing up!

  3. he goes to school with his cousin??! LUCKY boys!

    i like your hoodie!





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