Saturday, November 28, 2009

365 Day 31 spilled coffee leads to nothing good | Calgary photographer

Longest post ever - I WIN! And I can't find spellcheck in this version of blogger... so don't judge - I'm overtired!
This is one of the most UNBELIEVEABLE days I have ever been a part of!!!
I first have to give a bit of background. Rohan is NOT a great sleeper. He goes to bed fine, but wakes sometimes multiple times in the night, or will wake up at 3 and be up for good. When he was younger - he lived off of 5-9 hours of sleep per night for months. Which made for an extremely grouchy overtired and sore (from sleeping with him) mommy. We are not sure why he is like this - he wakes up with a purpose. Like if you tell him we are doing something the next day - he will be up at 3 ready to go, and you just can't tell him different. Or right now his kick is using Kade's camera. He wakes up at three to take pictures. He just has this brain that doesn't quit. One day I'm sure we will be thankful for this... but for right now I would LOVE me some sleep!

I like many moms am with a self employed man. Which means that no matter what happens I am up with the kids and rarely get time off. He can not simply call in sick if I need it! In fact when I was preg with Kade I was so sick I had to go to Urgent Care for some extra strength medication and some IV's - I had to call a friend to watch the kids and his mom to drive me down there! It's just something that goes with the self employed. And you learn to roll with it - but when I'm only getting around 3 hrs of sleep a night for a couple weeks.... well let's just say I'm not at my best :)

Wednesday night was real treat. My kids were at their cousins and they came back completely exhausted after a totally fun day! We could barely get them into bed there were THAT many tantrums going on. Both of us were exhausted afterwards. I called it a night around midnight - I had a photoshoot that day and was trying to get a few pics done. But Kade interrupted any plans I had. She woke up crying so I decided to give up an call it a night. I finally got her back to sleep and trudged off to bed. Where at 3 am Rohan came in - looking for batteries that were charged. At 4 he wanted cereal. To which I said forget it. He finally calmed down and settled in to sleep with is.
I was finally on my way to sleep at 5 when I heard Kade screaming. She was covered in puke poor kid :( So I got up and put all her crib stuff in the wash, taking her downstairs with me. Needless to say I just couldn't wait for the day to be over. She was whiny and crabby and didn't puke again but had a *back door* issue. All day. Like I couldn't leave the house at all BAD issue. Cute part - she walked around the house all day 'Mommy I no feel good. My belly button hurts' :)

So..... Thursday night I decided to go to be EARLY. Like 8:30 early. Rohan wasn't even asleep in his room yet lol. Rohan of course was up at 3 - and it was one of those nights where going back to sleep for him was hard. We have let him crawl into our bed when he can't sleep because he is really loud. I can deal with one kid awake but NOT two! And I hate sleeping in his tiny bed - my back just aches afterwards. Sometimes I crawl in there just until he falls asleep thinking I'll go back to our room and then fall asleep and am doubly grouchy!

All my planning for a good's night sleep totally disappeared when Rohan again got up multiple times through the night. Which brings us to Friday. Kade was again up at 6 - this seems to be a new annoying trend! I had the nephews which I wasn't worried about. I was a tad on the overtired/grouchy side as were my kids, but Kade seemed to feel fine and the kids normally get together really well.
Well - I should have known better the moment Kade spilled my coffee. That usually means the beginning of the end. Spilled coffee is like a totally bad omen.
So the coffee spilled... I had the kids dressed and grocery shopping done by 9am. That is AMAZING. It was all downhill after that.
I don't know where I started losing it.... but this is somewhere in the middle of the day.
These are actual events as they ocurred:

lunch - PB&J sandwiches... the kids thought it would be fun to see who could cram the most in their mouths. Made for a huge mess and more sandwiches to be made.
after they finished eating they asks for a cookie - okay. NEVER had a clue Keag and Kade would use this cookie as their competition to make everyone laugh. They are both oneupping each other. When I turned around from cleaning the counter they have these cookies smashed into their faces, hair and clothes. Clean them up and get them out of the kitchen. Send them to the living room so I can start cleaning up.
About 3 seconds later I heat the toilet flushing (one that Ro had previously flooded in the day already and the older kids knew not to use) I wasn't sure who opened the door but Kade and Keag were in the laughing hysterically as the water reached the top of the toilet. I told them not to touch this toilet, got them out and closed the door. (there is a baby handle thingy on it)
shortly after lunch - Jax comes in saying Anty Kafy.... look what Katie is doing! There is literally a semi flood in the living room. She was sucking the juice out of the sippy cup and spitting it all over the floor. So I grab the floor cleaner and a cloth and start washing the floor - sending her to timeout. While I am doing this Keag walks up with wet pants. (potty training 2 kids at once - really not fun) me - Keag did you pee your pants? Keag - no me are you sure? Keag - I peed.
So I strip him down and get him washed up and start a load of laundry. Let Kade out of time out.

Then I start washing the kitchen floor where Keag had walked with his pee pants and feet to make sure it's all clean. I hear the toilet flush again. This time I know what's going on - Keag knows how to open the door with the baby lock! They were both in there again... again flooding the toilet! and laughing hysterically. So I get them out - tell them if they go in there again it will mean time out.

At this point Dion came home - the house was completely upside down and 2 kids were half naked (not too shocking in our house). He fixed the problem toilet and got to work on the cord situation downstairs. (our playroom is also his game room. The cord from all his stuff were a little too attractive to the kids earlier in the day)

2 seconds later.... I am back washing the floors when I hear mommy Keag pooped on the floor! I go and grab pt and run to get it - to which our dog has beat me! TALK ABOUT DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I go to get the floor cleaner and notice that Keag hightailed it to the stairs... and bum scooted up leaving a nice trail. I tell him stay here I need to wipe - go to get the wipes and he goes into the bathroom to sit on the seat... leaving a trail there lol. So I finally get him, wipe him down, the toilet down when my sister and honey walk in. They had asked me to get the kids ready to go as Troy needed to get to work..... well one kid in clothes and shoes and the other half dressed prob wan't what they had in mind!

So they leave...... I took a break to clean up the backyard (dog business you know) because it is supposed to snow. Anyone that has dogs knows this is VERY important lol. Dion left to get some storage cabinets. The kids grab his ice tea from the living room and spill it fighting over it. They go to the kitchen and pour it into cups. OK. I go to clean up the living room and hear ' Hay Katie watch this trick' and then SPLAT< APLIT< SPLASH..... he took a cup he thought was empty and covered the cupboards and floor. I kick them out of the kitchen to clean THAT up. To which Kade takes his walkie talkie and he clobbers her.

I send Ro to time out which ends up in his room because he won't sit on the steps. On my way there I notice that there is PT strewn from room to room. When Kade was SUPPOSED to have been in time out she had gone into the closet grabbed all but one roll and completely unwound them. She got a *gasp* spank and sent to her crib.

I went back to the kitched praying for alcohol and had a nervous breakdown. Ro can hear this and is yelling I'm sorry down the vent lol.

So I go back upstairs clean up ALL the pt and go to talk to Kade. Where I find this. POOP. As if I need more of this! She had doneit in her crib, and thrown all the blankets that were covered on the floor - getting it all over the floor as well. So I grab all her stuff and throw it in the wash. Dion gets back home.
Kids come out of time out.

5:00 supper time. I make it. we eat it.

5:30 I go to clean up supper..... D takes the kids to the computer room downstairs (they are not usually allowed to play there. they are having fun jumping on the bed. When WHAMMO. Ro pushed her off the bed and she feel and smashed her face. Bleeding nose, cut lip (which gets really fat). Ro's crying she's crying. It's time for bed. Which does not go well. Ro is just over the top screaming, demanding things his way...... it is madness. FINALLY get his diaper on and half his jammies - that's enough. leave his room with him crying - he's out in prob 2 minutes.

8 pm (when we finally had both kids sleeping) - I decide that I need a Starbucks. It's been a BAD day and I want some grownup time. A night like that won't happen again right? Get home sip on some Starbucks, open a few pictures.....

11:30 - I hear Kade crying. SERIOUSLY??????? So I call it a night and head upstairs. I finally get her to bed - thinking this night will get worse - she just told me 'Mommy I no feel good' again. SIGH.

2:30 - Dion comes in the room with Kade. I was so tired I missed hearing my little girl choking :( He rushed up there because he heard a choking gurgling sound. Thankfully he got there and lifted her up and she could get everything out. She had been sleeping on her back I guess and couldn't move or get it out. So he takes all the laundry down and I give her a bath. Poor thing keeps rubbing her nose and lip - everytime opening her wounds and bleeding. I am shocked this kid still has all her teeth. Really we all are.

3:30 I am sitting in a rocking chair listening to Kade tell me how bad she feels wanting her blankie (in the wash) praying to hear that dryer buzzer soon. Also on my mind..... SERIOUSLT it is 3:30. Kade has been up crying twice. Had a bath (which is on the wall that Ro's bed is up against)and listened to Kade play and talk.
AND ROHAN NEVER GOT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I get her to her crib and go to get the laundry. Snuggle her in and pray that's it. Turn on the baby monitor because I don't want to miss any chocking. Of course it wasn't. She starts crying about 10 minutes after I crawl into bed. Seriously I felt moments from a collapse lol.
Went back to her room and got her resnuggled, some water and she was out.


NOONE got up until 7. Awesome. Kade though woke up screaming because she thought she had puked again - really it was blood. She had opened up her cut and bled all over. However poor little Kade. Still has *back door* issues - worse than ever.I have been changing her almost every 10 min and she has also been on the potty. NASTY NASTY. I hope she is over this soon.

I call naps for everyone!!!

I write all this because one day I am going to look back at this and laugh. I know I will. I know some of you will laugh reading this. Because this is just what it's like as a parent. And I am not ready to laugh now. But want to remember all the details for when I am.... and when I remind my children of this nasty day!
Being a grandparent must be great for SO MANY reasons!

so here's the deal. there never needs to be wondering how SAHM fill their days. No wondering why our houses aren't immaculate, why we are sometimes too tired to even talk at the end of the day. No more qustions as to why we don't always answer the phone.... or why we need time to ourselves. Why I am still in my pj's at 10:00............... it's not like we're sitting around doing NOTHING!

Earlier in the day.... they spent like 20 min feeding Kade. HILARIOUS!


  1. pray that today is a better day for you and everybody is feeling better... send them off somewhere for the day so you can take a break. know it's difficult being a full time mom but they'll appreciate you for it some day ;)

  2. Oh My Gosh Kathy! One-that is the longest post in history! and Two-I am killing myself laughing!!
    Too funny...these always seem to be day 23 of Brock being in camp on a 24 day shift for me! I'm glad you and most importantly your kids lived to tell about it LOL

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! That is crazy!!! I have certainly had days when it feels the world is against me but wow to see it all on a page makes it so much crazier. Hopefully sickness will go away and kids will start sleeping again!

  4. i can totally relate to these kind of days. I really hope no one else gets it at your house. especially you. Even superheros can get sick you know!

  5. haha the security word I had to write was fathy

  6. haha Michelle - too funny!!!

    yes those days ARE crazy - and to think I had to skip stuff cause my fingers were getting sore LOL.
    I love being a mom......





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