Friday, November 13, 2009

365 day 17

A little more of a twist today. First off - let's just say this. I had the best morning EVER.
My son who is 4 and quite a handful is morphing into a very sweet little boy :) Ever since he turned 18 months we have really been struggling with him. He has reached every milestone incredibly early, is strong willed and defiant, very smart and curious about everything around him, and extremely confident in himself. Not necessarily bad things.... but all heaped together in a tiny body makes for some 'special moments'. It has also made figuring out punishments really hard - especially since sometimes he acts so old (he is one of those old souls I believe) then he would break out in normal age tantrum antics lol.
Since he has turned 4 life has completely changed. in amazing ways. Today while I was in the shower he did something suprising! As I got out of the shower I heard him yell 'mommy come and look at what I did'. Well let me tell you I did NOT want to open the door. SLOWLY I opened it and found...... A CLEAN BEDROOM!!!! He made the bed, picked up the laundry, got the toilet paper rolls (I had bought a new pack and 'stored' it in our room lol) ready to be put away. He said ' mommy I was just trying to be super helpful today'. I could have cried. MAJOR moment in the little guy's life!! He even started cleaning his room! When he went to bed he told me he just didn't want to waste a minute of the day lol. Oh how I love that boy!

Anyways - I wanted to take pics of my nephews today - but there was no way. With two kids potty training, and still not making it every time - you can imagine how much fun I had cleaning! Plus I thought I would take them all out for a walk..... that was interesting!!!

So late at night I realized I still had no pics. So I put a twist on it. I am no master at my flash (I have an sb800) but do need to learn it. So I thought well here goes...... and snapped a couple of my kids on their way upstairs for bedtime. And.... well they stunk! My WB was off - parts were blown out... I totally need more practice!
So here's two of the better ones. Poor Kade's lip looked worse today, and she just woke up crying over it. WOOKIT MY WIP mommy!!!! It's like road rash on her face - poor kid! And doesn't her hair look nice lol. It is how she looks every night before bed heehee!

Have a good night!


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