Saturday, November 14, 2009

365 day 18 and a SPECIAL deal inside!!!!!!

Today has been a great day!!! I have driven past a place about a zillion times near me. I have wanted to do a shoot there since I really noticed the potential about a month ago.
However, I am a scaredy cat and would not go on the property unless Dion was there, and hopefully when an owner was around because I like to have permission.
We went out around 4 ( a gorgeous time for pics BTW) and once we got there there were people there!!!! So I went and asked the gentleman if it was his land. Well - the bad part is the city bought the land and it will all be torn down. He was, in fact, there to tear down some fences already.
The good news - feel free to shoot there until they bring in the machinery!!!!

It is such an awesome place - I could just KICK myself for not stopping there before. When I think of the summer photos I could have done... and now they will NEVER be lol. BUT I hope it's still standing for winter... snowy pics and a BARN!

To make good use of this location while it still stands I am putting out an impromptu special. This is for people who want to wear jeans, solid shoes, and nice bright funky clothing. For those not afraid to walk in a bit of dirt, or step near old buildings. Those who want a BEAUTIFUL setting for their photos and a bit of colorpopped urban processing. Anyone looking for a rural setting right at the edge of the city. I am sending a shout out to YOU!
The special will be what the fall special was - $100 for 10 images plus their conversions to b&w OR 15 images at original conversions. You still get the gallery to choose from, and can order extra at $10/image.
There is a barn, an old dirt road, fields, old buildings, a barn - the list is endless. Truly a great location. So get in on this! This offer is open for 4 bookings and must be shot before Dec 1. So book quickly ;)

There was another photog there when we got there... so I don't have pics of the barn... I didn't want to intrude. And man I sure got me some LENS ENVY!!!!!!

Here are some quick snaps - my kids were not in the mood and I had to be QUICK!

4pm gives gorgeous sun action!

The only one I got with a person in it lol. Kade did NOT want to get her new boots dirty. She LOVES those things :)


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