Monday, November 9, 2009

365 day 12 and 13 and call it caught up ;) wahoo

And I'm caught up again. Feels good. No more slipping. HOPEFULLY :) It is my goal to be actively using my camera, editing and posting every day. It's the point of this. To get better... and finally get some pics of my kids finished!!!

So here was day 12. Have I mentioned my love affair with pepsi? Yeah I love it. And I went to a bday party on Sunday...... and there was COKE. There is a divide with my friends. Those who love pepsi and those who don't. And the party..... well it was hosted by a coke lover lol. So I came home and grabbed a pepsi and thought here..... this IS my 365 for today. YUM.

NOW on to today. We had a really fun busy day at our house today! We had a playdate with my friend and her two kids. It was awesome!!!! Then another friend came over for her baby's 3 month old pics. She also brought two other kids. Well the kids had a wicked time playing! We barely saw them. It was great... and a really great photo session. Such a cute baby and SMILEY!!!
This is not his post..... but I did the session with my 50, so I thought I would use one for here :)


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