Tuesday, November 24, 2009

365 day 27 | Calgary photographer

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day. So I took my kids out to a little park by my sisters to let them run around. I wanted to practice a new way of shooting. AND IT IS HARD.
There are a couple photographers that shoot families at 1.6 or around there. Anyone that is into photography knows that it is extremely hard to get more than one person in focus at that app. But - as you can tell from my focus on blog posts and wide apps - I LOVE wide apps.
So this kind of just fits into my learning curve. I desperately want to be able to figure this out and start shooting wider apps for more people.
This is NOT something I will be doing on a paid shoots until I am comfortable with ;)

It is REALLY hard to get even one person ALL in focus from a distance at these wide apps. Especially if they are 4 and 2 and running around. So I don't have TOO many IN focus lol. It does take a lot of practice to get it nailed - and as you will see by the photos I'm still not a pro.

This is because not only am I constantly shifting for exposure, especially in sunlight and chasing kids around, but I constantly need to move the focal points and make sure the focus is landing where I want it to before I snap.

So hopefully the weather will hold and I will be able to practice more. I have become pretty comfortable with close up wide app shots - so this is just something to add to it!

Here are some pics of the day. I bribed them with suckers lol. Let me tell you sticky suckers and alot of dirt and dust = straight into the tub on returning home. ESPECIALLY little miss Kade - she was FILTHY!

COOL branches

See? I was focusing on the leaves to get some bokeh leaves shots... but then Kade did this. She was too quick for me to change my focal points - so I snapped anyways. And of course my mommy goggles dictate that this was my fav pic of the day lol :) PLUS - I blew out her shirt. Awesome pic lol.

This was pretty good - it was like the 3rd photo in. I'm pretty proud of the focus and getting them both in the focal plane... but it's nowhere near perfect yet ;)

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  1. That's cool, I't makes it look 3D!





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