Saturday, November 14, 2009

3 month old babies are SO cute :)

I had so much fun photographing little Mr.C when he was born, and I got to do it all over again when he turned 3 months!!!! His mom is so cool - and we both try to get the 'perfect' poses with him. Luckily he is a SUPER happy baby, and quite a little model!!!!
3 months can be a very frustrating age to shoot, and I did alot of researching for this particular shoot. Because the babies at 3 months aren't sitting on their own, and can't really hold their heads up but don't like to be still!!! However - I really shouldn't have worried so much, he was totally diggin it. I did learn I need to be faster - I forgot how much the love and need their naps at that age!!!
Thanks again S - my kids had a blast playing with yours and I can't wait for the 6 month pics :)

A little vintage action on this one... seemed perfect :)

He was WAY into the blanket.... couldn't get him lookin up for NOTHING!

HOW CUTE is this little sleeper!!!!!

This was THE END. LOL ;)


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