Tuesday, November 17, 2009

365 day 21

Today was nothing short of hurricane winds here! WOW. My kids and I were hanging out getting ready to go over to a friends house when I happened to look outside and saw........ my fence falling over!
We have noticed in the last couple years the boards were starting to rot, but with the winds the fence was just falling over in sections - waving in the wind! Well I was freaking - who likes the cost of replacing a fence really? Phoned the honey, and he said he would check it out. So off we went to our friends (after I took some videos lol). Where we raced garbage down the streets and counted signs that had been blown over. INSANE.
When we came home I really thought oooh great I'll take pics of the fence - good blog shots lol. But D had already braced in and gone off to get some wood :) He's a good man. Of course it won't really be fixed till the summer, but I'd rather the work he did than no fence - it was the one that runs along the back lane lol.

So I am putting up a pic of my FAV lights at my friends house, and the downed recycling bins in our back lane. WHOA. stop the presses HAHAHAHAHA!


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