Thursday, November 12, 2009

365 day16

ETA ---------- my friend V had the best coupon for Gap and Old Navy....... YAY for friends!!!

Today was a pretty fun day! I went to a mall! Haven't been to a mall (actually shopping) in FOREVER!!!!!! We met my MIL and one of my friends and tore it up!!! Scored some pretty good deals at Old Navy too - if anyone is interested ;)

All was going pretty well until we got home. Our driveway is pretty sloped... so when the kids run down it I am always cringing - yelling 'slow down'. Well I didn't even make it to the yelling part today when I heard Kade screaming while I was unbuckling Ro. I went over to her and she was bleeding... her face, mouth, arm and leg. We went inside and I cleaned her up.... didn't look too bad after it was all clean, But wow - over her lip is pretty red and raw :( She kept walking around all day saying Wookit mommy.... wookit my wip. MY WIP HURTS mommy. felt sooooo bad. But she had a bath and got ready for bed (by this time it's pretty fat - we'll wee how it looks tomorrow). Wookit mommy! I say at what. Wookit mommy! I say at what (I just like hearing her say wip LOL) WOOKIT MY WIP mommy! heehee she is CUTE beyond words :)

What Ro gives me when I aske him to sit still for a sec and smile. Ya he loves my camera.


Her version of looking up at me and smiling lol.

These boots are AWESOME! We got them at Superstore...... they were a suprise as I went there sans kids. I always now if Kade likes something.... I hold them up and she says 'oh mommy that's MINE'!!!!! hahahahahaha.

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  1. Thats a pretty awful looking wip! poor girl! love her boots though!





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