Monday, November 2, 2009

365 day 6 (warning a bit of a cheat )

Well today FINALLY came :) I have been waiting for this lil man to turn one as much as his mom has been dreading it!!!!!!
I have wanted to do a cake smash/1 yr old shoot for SO LONG!!!! I was so excited for this shoot, the night before I was talking about it all night. SO - this isn't his blog post... I have a bit of editing ahead of me for that. BUT as it was shot with my 50 (although not even close to wide open lol) I wanted to slide in some pics.
I love these types of shoots.... I'm really hoping I get some more of these in the future!!!

So I mad a little storyboard for one of my fav lil men. I met him when he was 6 months old to get his 6 month old pics and I am so lucky to have made a wonderful friend (his mom) in the process. Here's to many many years of great friendship and good pics :)

Storyboards get printed on boards or canvas and are FANTASTIC. They look just as you see them here. I like them just cause you get to see more pics in an image ;) I converted one to one of my fav (different) black and whites.... it's like a little blueberry got mixed in to the conversion.



  1. Very cute! So you've taken up storyboards huh? So fun!

  2. I love LOVE these pics, cake smashes look like fun....I want a one year old. No wait, ummmm no haha.





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