Monday, November 16, 2009

365 day 19 (and 20)

My battery was dead yest. I had all these plans for out in Strathmore... and didn't check them. BOTH of them LOL. And of course it was crazy coming home from there and getting the kids to bed - no time to charge anything!!!
So I'm just scrapping the day. I'm sure noone minded ;)

Funny story - when I was tucking Ro in tonight he put a couple of his toys in a toothpaste box for me and said 'Here mommy... when daddy grows up you can give this to him for his birthday!' SNORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pictures I love most of my kids are ones others prob think I'm crazy for. I love pics of them doing regular fun things. Their hands trying to get shoes on, feet with socks hanging off them they can't pull up, coloring, making a mess...... it is the stuff that makes me smile, makes me remember the day. And let's face it... those days go by quickly!

Today grandma came over and had some fun with the kids. Coloring fun. I love coloring. I loved it when Taylor was into it and I got to color with her.. and now I get to do it again! But today I chose to try and get some pics of it.
Kade is the crazy colorer... a few lines all across the page and call it done. Then she goes to town ripping it. Then she goes off to play something else. Rohan is much more into the 'fine art' staying in the lines, pressing hard to fill in the stuff properly. He like it to look perfect. It is really fun to watch!
So here are the shots......

I love this one... from the moment I saw it on the LCD.

Inspecting grandma's work......

Kade's version of coloring.... she is not showing it lol. and her scab is almost all off above her lip. I wish I had kids skin - heals so quickly!

LOVE CRAYONS!!!!!!!!!!

He presses so hard he needs to 'take a break' lol. Crazy colorer!!!

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  1. Love these! I love the everyday stuff too! The dof is awesome!





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