Thursday, December 3, 2009

365 day 35 | Calgary photography

Ok Ok I admit it.... I am behind again. All my attempts are getting foiled *STOMP FEET*. My batteries are dead... and I have been catching up on two sessions that NEED my attention. Also on my plate - 11 dozen cupcakes. Seriously.... who does a bake exchange for 11 dozen. AND who in their right mind would choose to do CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured the world needed more of my cupcakes... they really are THAT good! but - Lesson learned ;) Especially since I have been running ALL over town to find packaging materials. Promise to be caught up on posts by the end of the week... My dad is coming out wahoooooooooooooo :)

These are  from my fav place..... I took a few photos for me. I love this barn and will be so sad when it is gone :(

SERIOUSLY...where is the spellcheck option on the new blogger? This is driving me nuts. I type fast late at night... my skills not so good hahahahaha ;) And WHY won't my pics center properly? ANYONE????


  1. Kathy, I love your blog!! I read it every time you post!! That pic of the barn is awesome, lots of contrast and color! Kuddus to you for trying to blog every day.. I have such a hard time bloggin, although I would love to more often. Another of my favs is your soup entry!! Keep it up!!!

  2. Is that first one near the mouse sighting??? There is still one of us upset about not getting to see/touch the mouse EWWW!

  3. RIGHT by there.... however there was no mouse poking around this day :)
    I bet she is still upset - I however made Dion open my camera bag LOL!



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