Sunday, November 8, 2009

365 days 9-11 ;)

I can't believe day 9 and I was already skipping days!!!!! I am doing this 365 challenge so I can practice and shoot every day. Having something to hold me accountable to do it!!!! I do not mean to skip days..... and I hope to have no more skippings. Life just got in the way. I did shoot every day, just ran out of time to upload and have them up here. I was behind a couple sessions that HAD to be completed and wanted to be caught up as I have a few more booked.

On day 9 I realized something VERY important.......... we'll see if these pics give a hint as to WHAT disaster struck!!!

Let's see...... what do we have here? Oh yes an EMPTY lonely outlet...... (that apparently needs cleaning)

What have we here..... oh yes a charger looking for some company.........

AND HERE IT IS...... the dead battery!!!!!!! I had a spare (as you can tell I mean I'm taking a picture of the dead one...... but I didn't bring it with me to my friends house where I was going to take the pics for day 9 UGH)

Day 10 was a BLUR. It was my sister swap day and I had my nephews over!!! I love those boys.... they are so sweet and can just melt your heart. Keags calls me ANNIE.... I just love hearing it. Plus if you give him jellybeans he'll give you cuddles and kisses and hugs forever. And Jax is just so sweet and so loving.... they need to rub off more on my crazy monkies lol. A friend also stopped by to pic up some pics with her 2 kids so it was a house full of fun!!!
I caught them for a few minutes coloring at the table. These moments are the ones that will be treasured forever :)

Day 11 was a day of recovery. My kids were completely tired out from all the action the day before :) Kade actually had a nap. She kept walking around saying 'oh mommy I just need a hug' and Ro's eyes..... oh his eyes. TIRED eyes!!! Daddy is back working almost every day and long hours.... so we were on our own for most of it.
THE GOOD NEWS...... my kids finally discovered the joy in the big lego blocks. They played with it TOGETHER (a major feat - hence the capital letters) for hours. It was so nice to actually sit back, drink my coffee and watch them pay without randomly screaming or hurting each other. I hope this lego thing is the start of something beautiful!

I am still a day behind..... get to that tomorrow :)
That's it.


  1. good for you catching up! I love hearing about your life and kids! I feel like I'm there!

  2. i missed that last few days too. caught up tonight too., like 2 peas we are haha!





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