Friday, November 20, 2009

365 day 24

I have been having fun using some blogging templates..... but they are a PITA until you get really quick at them! I'm sure it will get better... but this has taken me a long time. I thought it would be easy and I wanted to quickly get a blog post up tonight. The chinooks are wreaking havoc on me, my kids and sleep. Or should I say lack thereof. Which is turning me from mommy to monster rather quickly :)
I had my nephews again today and there was mayhem everywhere you looked! I let them do a very fun, but rather messy craft. And really FYI - best money for crafts for a 4 year old. Ro was really getting into this. Construction paper, colored noodles, glu, some sequiny things and GOOD TO GO! He was really proud of himself with his two creations. And with the 2 lbs of glue he used - they should be dry tomorrow in time to show off with some son/art proud pics!!!
I also copped out... by the early pm I was tired - the kids were wired and I was running out of stuff to do. So we popped popcorn and turned on a movie.... can you guess which one?

I decided to really open the ap. 1.4. all day long. Suprisingly pretty sharp. I'm going to keep at this ap for a couple days until I really nail it. It's pretty hard - especially with moving kids. I want sharp. Real sharp. Just not looks good - but tack sharp. Which takes excellent WB, exposure, steady hands and lightning fingers sometimes - because I still shoot manual :) But hey... getting close to where I want to be!

So I am showing comparisons. Pics with 100% crops. In 3 of these the crops are more than 100%, I forgot what I was doing and cropped before saving the original. So you can see - pretty freaking sharp!

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  1. Wow! That's impressive! You're getting goooood! You're crazy for doing a craft like that! Good for you!





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