Tuesday, November 10, 2009

365 day 14

Today was a very 'unfun' day in my books!!! We had such a terrific day yesterday, but it fell apart in the evening. Kadence woke up and I was able to put her back down a couple of times. Then I heard Rohan. The kid is addicted to anything electronic. Recently he was given a cell phone with a battery. So it works - but he can't call anyone. And then he found the ring tones. Pretty funny really - he plays them and dances all arounfd the house to them. Plays them for Daddy, Kade and I - thinks he's pretty cool. ANYWAYS.... around 10 I think I heard the rings go off. And he was awake for good. I finally gave in and went up as he asked to snuggle me. I took him and then BAM Kade was up to. There was no sleeping with evereyone in bed, so I finally got Ro into his, got Kade into hers and went to bed. Then Ro was up. Then Kade. Then Ro again at 5:30 thinking it was morning. It went on and on.........
SO this am I was TIRED. GROUCHY and TIRED, and we need groceries lol. Isn't that they way?
Somehow I lived through it and my kids are sleeping right now... and I am OUT of here after this post. My head hurts!!!!

Today I thought I would aim for something more difficult. 5:00pm. barely any natural light. The lights on in my house. NO FLASH.ISO 6400. WAhoooooooo :) The first 2 I got the focus. The one of Ro I aimed for the hand......still unclear where it landed... maybe the hand, the shirt.... it's not as crisp when the iso is up that high!!!

We were having alot of fun with shadows GOOD TIMES!

Kade's fav drink of late. She doesn't drink 'real' milk - only soy and doesn't really eat yogurt. BUT this stuff she goes to the fridge, opens and drinks. LOVES IT!

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  1. I really like the first one...it reminds me of Peter Pan!





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