Wednesday, November 18, 2009

365 day 22 special post

This is for my superhero friend. She is a superhero.
I don't talk alot about real personal stuff... or in depth about my friends. BUT I have permission. AND I have something to say. BIG SHOCK.

AND I have rewritten this post about 5X now!!!!!!

Every once in awhile you get the chance to meet someone that sort of just meshes into your life like they have always been there. Like you have been friends forever. And every once in awhile that person is someone that is going to teach more about life than you can imagine. They are going to show you how to be brave, how to be strong, and how important life is - that every minute of it counts. They are what I call superheros. And my friend T is one of those.

Because my friend is amazing. And NOT just because she loves double doubles as much as I do, or brings one to me every time she comes over, but I am not going to lie - that helps a little ;) Also NOT because she and her hubby introduced D and I to NCIS... but it def swayed me a little lol. And not for being uber cool - but that also helped :)

It is because she is so real. She is open and honest. She is funny and loud. She is supportive and encouraging. She listens and talks. She is everything the word friend describes and more.
She is also a bit of a party planner.... just throwing it out there! When I met her I just knew we would be friends. And am so glad we are. Because she has changed my life.

You see this friend, this amazing person that has 3 beautiful children had cancer. And I say had. Because I am an optimist and say that this ends here.
Right now she is in a type of seclusion because she is glowing green. JUST KIDDING... but she has been injected with radioactive stuff to make sure that this cancer is not going anywhere else.

I call no fair.

I mean really...... to be told when you are pregnant that you have cancer, to have to wait until your baby is born to have surgery and be separated not only from him - but your whole family. To have to go through the radioactive stuff and be separated again... NO FAIR.
Then to be told you need another surgery..... and another round of radioactive fun...... NO FAIR.

Apparently cancer doesn't care. But I do. And I am so proud to have my friend be on the winning side and kick cancer's butt. You know... I get a cold and complain for days. She had cancer and so rarely did I hear a complaint. She was worried about the scar more than anything......
And to this I say (and yes T this is a repeat) your kids are going to see it when they are older and say thank God for that scar. They are going to love those scars.... because without them you wouldn't be with them. Your family and friends..... all we see when we see those scars are how amazing and how strong you are and how lucky we all are yo have you around. Because you mean so much to everyone around you. Those scars are to be worn with pride and I WILL hold you to that!

So here's to kicking cancer to the curb..... because we your friends, your family need you around :) We are all here for you.... and may even risk the green stuff for a few minutes!


  1. sitting here bawling....beautiful story and photos, Kathy!

  2. I'm crying here too! What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful friend! I'm praying for her!

  3. Nicely said...
    Too nicely, crying ; )

  4. Barbara - has tears streaming and is sending healing energy to your friend and a hug to you for caring so much about her.

  5. Awww Kathy that was a beautiful tribute to your friend. I am totally tearing up too. She is a total superhero! I will keep your friend and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I think I won't stop crying all day for this beautiful, strong, courageous and amazing friend of yours! Not sad tears but happy that she is fighting this evil that faces so many. Here's to a happy and healthy recovery!

  7. *sniffle* This is a beautiful post.
    Praying for your friend- for a wonderful recovery with the most BEAUTIFUL scars.





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