Tuesday, November 3, 2009

365 day 7

Strathmore. A town we have started to see a lot of. Since Grandma moved there :(
She used to live a few blocks from us and we were QUITE used to being spoiled with visits, and food and babysitting lol. Rohan still asks when Grandma is moving back to her old house. Poor kid!
Now we take a trip out there as much as we can - and it's pretty fun! I love exploring places and when Grandma suggested a walk downtown I was all over it!
These are some pics from the walk.... it was nice - but not what I would call warm... yet my kids wanted this...........

She just looks up to something here.....

Now this pic is the reason I am practicing shooting wide open. He ASKED me to take his pic, posed and all. AND THEN I snapped, he was over it and I realized my focus landed...... ON THE TREE. See.... that's why I'm practicing! It's what I call emotionally in focus heehee.

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  1. i cant believe they wanted ice cream! too bad grandma didnt end up moving to airdrie ;)





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