Thursday, November 19, 2009

365 day 23

Today was an attempt at a photoshoot with my friend. The kids however had totally different ideas!!!!! I haven't been sleeping much of late and the morning got off to an incredibly slow start. MY BAD. So we were late getting on the shoot, and the kids were running all over the place.... and we lost some happy baby time! HOWEVER........ we did still get some cute shots. Here is a snippet... and yes this is all because I have been tied up making a beautiful baby collage that is almost done!
I'll be sharing THAT tomorrow!
So here are some pics.... totally adorable. And yes miss S MAY be looking away for the camera in one shot and isn't exactly smiling - but for those who know her knows I am NOT kidding when I say this is a major milestone in my journey to get some great pics of her. She also does not like dresses - I kid you not. we have tried to get her into a petti for a few months. TODAY was go day - we weren't set up for pics anymore - but she wore if for I would guess almost 10 minutes!! WOOT WOOT!


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