Tuesday, November 24, 2009

365 day 28 | Calgary photography

Today is a break from my everyday wide apps lol. We went out this morning with a friend to a part of Fish Creek I haven't been to since before there were houses there lol. There were only rocky paths there too! Now it looks completely different - and the houses there - WOW amazing. But this trail was awesome.... we had alot of fun even the wind was pretty chilly in the morning.
What was most fun was this beautiful HUGE woodpecker hanging out in the woods. Was happy to have my kit zoom lens (hasn't been used in forever - but I had it packed up for a friend lol) and got some FUN shots of this bird!
Here is one of them!


  1. omg there's a woodpecker in there!

  2. then i read it after looking at the pic and commenting!





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