Wednesday, November 11, 2009

365 day 15

mmmmmm a kid free day.
I went grocery shopping by MYSELF. WOW. To Superstore of all places. Seriously I have BAD karma when it comes to that place. Something WEIRD always happens when I'm there. Like when I can't find plain old cheese slices, or they are out of every kind of chicken, or milk....., or when their debit machines go down and my kids have eaten 2 cookies out of a box..... or today when I went to pay for a 6 pack of pepsi that had only 5 and noticed it only when I put it on the conveyor thingy. AND she looked at me like 'are you kidding me' and didn't move an inch when I told her..... interesting people work there lol. AS IF I spend over 200 at a store and try to rip off a freakin pepsi people! Anyways.... if there is another thing you should know about me I am praying for a lottery win just so I don't have to shop there lol. Apparently it is JUST me..... but man I love my Safeway heehee :)

Anyways... today's photo op was just at sunset...... IMO the BEST time of day to get pictures. The light is gorgeous, colors amazing - but you better snap quick cause when the light's gone it is GONE!!!! I was practicing up on some more cool bokeh. I didn't travel far - my back is KILLING me. My son keeps crawling into our bed (which believe me is WAY better than when I have to crawl into his tiny bed lol) but he is a BED HOG - and I end up sleeping on like 4 inches of bed all messed up lol. So I am a hurting unit after a few days of this!!!!! So I just went to my tree in the driveway because the view behind it is my fav view I look at out my front window every day!!!

Learning bokeh is not easy. Sure it's easy to just open your ap, meter and take a pic - but getting the right bokeh for the right pic with the best color using the best lens (bokeh is all lens subjective) and keeping ALL of what you WANT in focus takes practice. It is like an art..... I love it just as much as it drives me nuts. BUT this practicing with one lens thing is teaching me alot about my lens. I'm getting to know Frank. Much better :) And to know where I want my settings, and what it is going to look like. It is becoming second nature I am proud to say!!!

So here are my fav's from today!! AND I think I know my next challenge once I am more confident in this one..... it's called COMPOSITION people. Sheesh.... so much to learn, so little time!


  1. Wow! Thats impressive! Good job in focusing! I think you got it bang on!

  2. nice pics of the helicopter tree ;)

    -creepy annonymous Michelle





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