Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gorgeous family, weather,and setting | Calgary family photographer|365 day29

Today was gorgeous! It was 14 degrees, the chinook arch was out but the winds were not. I met up with a gorgeous family (another up and coming photographer like me ;) Check her link  here!!!!
It was a great day for this and we all had fun that of course ended in an injury and some crying. It's just how family shoots roll!!!
Thanks so much for letting me take pic of you and your beautiful family... I am honored you thought to ask me!

Don't worry... I have some with slightly less open mouths ;) I just loved that at this point they were yelling SLURPEES!

Seriously.... this cutie - he is ALWAYS happy to see me with a camera.... can you tell????????


  1. that was her idea... and it totally rocked!

  2. KATHY! I LOVE them, the first one of Oliver is perfect! and I the family one was exactly what I pictured it being! The open mouths are actually kind of perfect our kids are ALWAYS yelling!
    thank you soo much!

  3. love the vintage one! the last one oliver looks like hes saying a pirate lol





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