Monday, July 12, 2010

day 224 wild weather and planting sunflowers | Calgary photographer

Oh Calgary. You are insane. Your weather patterns drive me crazy. You give me headaches, make me pack a few outfits for the day for everyone because you are chalk full of surprises.

We started the day thinking that we would hang out and when my nephews came over in the afternoon we would have the pool and bouncy house. As the weather continued to change I had to look at the forecast. THUNDERSTORMS. Fantastic. So we booted it to gram's and planted our sunflowers we have had growing in cups. Sunflowers are AWESOME for little people to watch grow! The sprout quickly and in no time are ready for planting! And boy were they ready!

Rohan getting a lesson in roots.

And they are planted!!!

Then we got home. Driving into intense black clouds. It was raining when we got home. Our house is in this weird position. We generally miss most of the weird wild storms. But we can see them. Normally out our back window we see blue sky, and out the front the huge storm clouds. Once in a while it is opposite... but this is quite common at our house.
Today was NO exception. The backyard was sunny. Front yard was scary. Thunder all around, lightning out the front, crazy rain (we totally missed the huge hail here)and BLACK clouds out front. It is surreal to look into the backyard then at the front when this happens. So today I took pics.

backyard. beautiful. birds are out grabbing worms. kids want to play in the bouncy house.

Taken 5 seconds later from the front yard. No way are the kids getting the pool and bouncy house!

So we all stayed inside and played hide and seek. Oh Calgary. Give us a break and give us some summer. Storms are AWESOME after a long hot day ;) Just throwing it out there!

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  1. Crazy weather. Beautiful photos. I'm telling you California is where you need to visit. Sunflowers are my favorite flower they bring a smile to my face.



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