Tuesday, July 6, 2010

365 day 219 kids and a sky | Calgary photographer

Today is a HUGE day for our family!!! Today at around 4am my newest nephew Riley was born. I am sooooo excited to see him.... but he has had some trouble and is in new natal right now. So I'm hoping for tomorrow!!!!
My sister has fairly dramatic pregnancies (ok maybe not the 2nd). This one was no exception and involved a lot of discomfort, meeting some specialists and a TON of dr's appts and ultrasounds mixed with some anxiety, worry, and excitement.

We are all so glad he is finally here!!! My sister is doing great and I just can not wait to see them!! Seriously SOMEONE needs to do something about the Rockyview visiting rules.

But I will post more about that tomorrow. Just had to get it out there!!!! I will post when I have some PICTURES!!!! Of course after I get my snuggles in ;)

So today after the boys had been picked up we I took the kids to the park. Where we met up with Gram. Again... a weird day. It was cold when we got ready, hot at the park then WHAM clouds and rain. By the time we were back in the house.... sunny. WEIRD.

I love these two pictures. The kids were playing on 2 sides of a park structure. They both saw Grandma arrive at the same time. And this is them running to her!!! Awwwwww I LOVE IT! I love that my children have so many people to love. And do it with all their hearts. I hope they are always like this. It makes my heart happy.

Blue sky with fluffy clouds by the time we got home. SO RANDOM. I think I am addicted to cloud pics. I mean I can take one almost any time of the day every day here. ONE thing the weather is good for I guess.

Kade's ultimate revenge. She seems to be going through and in between phase right now. She lays on the couch in the pm and goes to sleep if I let her. Which sometimes I do.... the problems are:
If you let her nap - you have to let her nap till she wakes up or she is a BEAR right up until she falls asleep again for the night.
If you wake her up - good luck. you'll need it. 
If you let her sleep till she wakes up herself she will not go to sleep for HOURS after her bedtime. NO FUN.

So today I did not let her sleep. Her revenge??? Staying up and crying, running out of her room, begging for this and that and the other thing..... until she fell asleep crying for milk on her floor in the doorway (not allowed out of her room lol). That is her revenge. Me? Not to worried. This isn't my first rodeo ;)


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