Monday, July 19, 2010

365 day 230 a new park | Calgary children's photographer

I am so lucky to have clients that get me out checking out parks I have never heard of! I have barely scratched the surface on parks here - there are so many!
Today I went out in search of Baker Park. It is a beautiful park. I was checking it out for a session this week. But we didn't get very far.

Carry on through the pics and see if you can guess why our time was cut short. Besides the rain lol.

He thought this pose up all by himself. he came running over with this feather 'Mom I have a GREAT idea!!!' LOL

Don't let the cuteness of this shot fool you. I spent almost the whole day sending him to his room and giving him timeouts. I am not sure how I managed these pics at all.... it was really a horrible day. And yes... if you are wondering... the horrible started because of those loud annoying horns someone brought home!

I turned my back to run and get my camera bag after rolling down the hill with the kids and found this.

Apparently they needed to go pee. And you know any bush will do. What Kade didn't realize is, well, it doesn't really work that well for girls! Time to go!


  1. Omg , I love these. You captured some great moments. What great funny memories they will have.



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