Wednesday, July 14, 2010

365 day 225 Calgary Stampede photos | Calgary photographer

Well. Let me tell you. 4 kids 4 and under. 3 adults. 2 teenagers. On kids day at the Stampede is NOT conducive to taking gorgeous well thought out photographs. Definitely NOT!!!!!

This is how it goes.

We have one stroller because I think 2 or a stroller and a wagon and we would NOT get on the c-train on our way back home. So we have one double stroller loaded to the hilt. Because it is cold in the morning and the forecast is calling for thunderstorms. So we have light clothing under heavier clothing (because as we all know the forecast is rarely right here) with even more heavy clothing in the stroller.
All these people means another thing. FOOD. As if we are going to be all these people food at the Stampede. So we are loaded up with waters, juices, sandwiches, fruit, and wipes. And of course... me who sometimes really believes I AM supermom brings my camera. And lenses. Sheesh.
So here we are loaded up. Heading to the c-train station.

I have my 2 kids in the car. We stop at my sisters to pick up my mom and my 2 nephews. Somehow in the span of stopping to pick them up, I find my sister's glasses have relocated to my car. Take those back. OK all four are buckled. They follow us in my sister's car.  Dion, Taylor and her friend Meg are walking to the station. They are there when we arrive and have luckily found us a spot. Too bad we had two cars. After stalking a guy we manage to land another spot.

Now we are on the c-train. I have a double stroller heavily loaded and no kids in it. Because they all need front row seats. So I am *gracefully* falling all over the place trying to steady the back end heavy stroller that is dying to tip over with every lurch and myself. I say gracefully because even when everyone gasped during one especially awesome almost falling on my butt incident.... I did NOT spill one drop of my coffee. Ahh ya baby, I am THAT good.
When we are almost at our destination I plan our departure. And yes with that many little kids you need to plan it. The teenagers and 2 adults each have one kids hand to hold. And yes they MUST hold it. C-trains are a scary place with these little kids who think they are invincible. And me? Well I struggle with that double stroller that is back end heavy and get it out, before the doors close. Phew. We're there.

Now to pay. Some of us have two for ones and some need to pay. Which line? Wrong one. Right one. Oh and the other one too. Kids hold hands. No really you have to hold hands. GET OVER HERE. We can NOT lose you. At least not BEFORE the rides! Ok. We're finally in. All of us.

First up. Bathrooms. let's see. Someone stay with the stroller. Grandma takes two. I take Kade. Ro goes by himself. And gets stuck inside the stall. Hang on.... still trying to get Kade to stop crying. OMG. self flushing toilets I HATE you. You scare the crap out of kids. So much that my nephew refuses to go. Kade is bawling. I finally get her on it and someone else's flushes. Sending her into a panic. I try to help but my hand is covering the sensors so hers doesn't go off. she jumps up, the seat lifts and she got a cut!!! Now she is absolutely screaming so I give up. Rohan still needs out. Oh no, there he is.  Alright. handwash time. EVERYONE OUT. TIP - bathrooms by the kids rides are not self flushing. Absolutely go there.

On to the rides. We need tickets. OK off Dion and the girls go. We watch Fifi and the Flowertots. Ahhhh here are the tickets let's roll. Tip 2 - buy wrist bands. Seriously. We had to buy tickets twice. and ran out and the end for one kids last ride. TOTAL BUMMER. Not to mention what a PITA those tickets are. Wristbands from here on out! Also.... for real. I just want to point out that I do NOT like having to pay for adults to go on the rides with the kids. Seriously. Make rides that shorter kids can go on. OR let us on for free. As if I am getting a major thrill on the caterpillar roller coaster. COME ON.

The rides were fantastic. Poor Jaxon though.... he wasn't quite tall enough for the rides he really wanted to go on. Like oh say bumper cars. Talk about crocodile tears. We felt sooo bad for him. And Ro because of course one of them wasn't about to go it alone without the other. Next year is so going to rock. Can't wait. Hello 36"!!!!!

So after many hours out it was time to say goodbye to Stampede again. And try to get back on the c-train. SUPER glad we had only one stroller! We got in on the second train. Phew. Day over. Almost. Hello bedtime with no daddy and 2 overtired kids. Kade was reciting for 1/2 hr how she is NEVER going into the *house* (haunted house ride thingy) again. Because the monsters scared her. OVER and OVER and OVER......

Between eating, bathrooms, tears here and there, line-ups, rides, adults needing to go on rides with the kids, bathrooms, messy faces, kids that need to be carried, buying tickets, counting tickets, counting kids, freaking out because you think you lost one, buying cotton candy to help ease the not tall enough sting, water, juices, sweaters on then sweaters off, kids wanting to go on rides... then freaking out and needing to come off (ahem KADE)  and having FUN..... pictures were the last thing I did!!! I did snag a few.... but none of them are the awesome ones I had in mind when I was thinking of stampede pics! I mean... we only made it of the kid zone far enough to get to the animals in the ag center lol.

So while none are really amazing out of this world what a great fair shot... they are all very real. and in the moment. And will forever hold memories for all of us. So glad Dion got the day off to come, my mom could come and we got to take our nephews. I hope they remember just how much fun they had. Because I will not forget :)

Now..... I need a babysitter so Dion and I can go alone.......

Miss Taylor :)

One of the BEST rides. For grown ups and kids..... they didn't like it at all ;) Can you tell?

What a handsome man ;)

Ahhhh sweet sticky sugary cotton candy. You can NOT go without getting some!

Interesting how wrong the weather forecasts were. This was supposed to be thunderstorms. HA,

She did it for the love of her grandkids. Not for the love of the ride. I HATE ferris wheels. Only ride I can NOT go on.

Determined to feed a sheep.

Custest horse ever. So small. and mild mannered. Kids loved her!

In a fighter jet. the boys were in their glory!


  1. I loved reading this post. I visualized it all as I read it. YOur photos are so real and fun. Really fun post. Sounds like you had a busy but fun day.

  2. make me laugh! Great post, great details & great pics.
    Still considering the Red Deer Fair?!?! It's next week!!

  3. I love the way you describe things! I have no idea what you mean about not being awesome fair pics! Those are what its all about! That ride is Rebekah's absolute favorite! They have it at Valley fair and she rode it like 20 times! You are so brave!!!



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