Monday, July 5, 2010

365 day 216 Kade's party | Calgary photographer

so not as planned!!!!
seriously... it just isn't supposed to rain on her birthday!!! There went the pool, and the bouncy house was hit or miss. What do you do with all these kids and no entertainment??? Oh yes - sit back and watch the chaos. While waiting for someone to get hurt. Which suprisingly did not happen!

Kade's party..... oh Kade. She doesn't really care WHO the party is for!!! Of course opening the presents is the fun part.... the opening of course. Once done she tossed them aside and went for the next one. Seriously... she could have been opening them for the kids who brought them to take home again. Not sure why she doesn't get the concept. Every time we told her 'Kade it's your birthday - happy birthday!' She would just look at us and say 'and soon it will be Rohan's!!!!' Funny kid.
Of course.... the babies she got.... well she LOVES them. Took them to bed, yelled if someone else tried to play with them... the whole nine. She loves those babies!

Once everyone left she read all the books and examined all her new things. I THINK she will get it next year ;) Cause she thought the new stuff was pretty fun after!

Thanks to everyone for coming it was fun and crazy. Everything you expect at a 3 yr old party that got forced indoors lol.

What is that about the shoemaker's children go barefoot? Oh yeah.... I didn't take many pics at the party. And accidentally changed my MENU half way through. I have no clue how.... but let's just say I didn't check to see what setting I had it on and am a little dissapointed with the pictures. Grrrrrrr

We set the bouncy house up in the sun. Then it rained. So it was brought indoors to dry out. Then taken back outside. It rained again..... and on and on it went. hit and miss.

Everyone expects birthday cake. Everyone except Kadence. Although lately she is having a love affair with Gram's carrot cake muffins. She had her fav - lemon meringue pie. Although I DID buy cupcakes for all the cake lovers out there...... the pie rocks her world. So, why fight it??

The babies. Her new love. But if we don't find that stinkin soother for one of them soon we are ALL going to go mad!

And the three yr old goes on her first rampage... tossing balloons around and

getting completely tangled up in them. Story of the party lol. Tangled balloons anyone?

So.... what day would be complete without a crazy mishap? Kade got sent to her room.... she took a side trip to our bathroom, stole my lotion and then dumped it over herself and the floor. Of course.

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  1. She thought the carpets were too clean! LOL. Happy Birhtday Kade!!!



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