Wednesday, July 28, 2010

365 day 239 oh how I love my job! | Calgary family photographer

After 2 reschedules thanks to mother nature I finally got to meet up with a totally awesome family.
They were so much fun and I totally loved getting to know them and hang out with them in such a beautiful park. On what turned out to be one of the best days we coul have hoped for!
If it weren't for the 8 956 238 and a half mosquitoes it would have been perfectly pleasant!

Thanks so much for letting me have the pleasure of photographing your beautiful family!

Here is a little sneak :)

Seriously AWESOME picture. A dad and his lil man.

Never fear.... I have loads of you all looking.... this one just happened to be my favorite... everyone is so engaged in what others are talking about ;) Could this family be any more beautiful! COME ON!

Little E was just up for the challenge of getting his pics DONE!! I do have some little miss B as well... there are lots more to come!!

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