Sunday, July 11, 2010

365 day 222 some of Rylie | Calgary newborn photographer

My nephew came over yesterday for a mini photo shoot. When I say mini.... I mean mini in the actual shooting part. He is quickly enforcing the 'no you can not and will not pose me' attitude that all our kids give me!!!

And when I wouldn't listen? he would MAKE me listen lol. By peeing :) he also did a little more business while Kade was holding him. Shockingly she still wanted to hold him and did not want to give him back to me to continue the little amount of snaps I was getting.

I wanted to put a few up though.... he is so cute and smushy. Well worth the fight with Kadence to get to hold him!!! I am hoping the color is accurate - I need to recalibrate and have my monitor in a different area right now so I will have to look at them again once I get my set up back!!

Here he is.... little baby Rylie!

The life of a newborn. They get bored so easily. Wait till he finds out I give candy and popsicles. Ya he'll be singing a different tune then!!!

Seriously.... he is totally making fun of me already.


  1. Gorgeous Kathy! He's so cute! I am envious!

  2. Awesome! That about sums it up.

  3. What a little cutie. He is so lucky to have an "Aunt" that is an amazing photographer.



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