Sunday, July 25, 2010

365 day 236 beautiful ones | Calgary photographer

Today we had to say good-bye to my mom.
As a celebration of her last day we all (Jenny's family and mine.minus Dion.he had to work.) went up to Kananaskis. Which, from previous posts, you prob know is one of my very most favorite places to be. I have so many great pics to go through.... but I did get a sweet deal today!!!
Troy's girls were there - and they were totally hamming it up for my camera. I am just going to say. It is SO FUN to photograph older ones.... ones that love the camera and WANT their picture taken. Instead of these preschoolers of mine..... there was no wrangling or bribing needed!!

It also doesn't hurt that they are gorgeous and have a very fun spirit. They made today really fun.

So thanks girls... my camera loves you and can't wait for our real shoot! And hopefully it will be out of the full sun ;) Sorry I know they are mostly the same comp.... but I love them!!! I love random goodness!

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