Friday, July 23, 2010

365 day 233 beware the bikers | Calgary family photographer

Today I wanted to get some pictures of my parents. (dad and Bev) Although they come out fairly often, I don't get many shots or get to take them many places. Of course this is true for all our family that visits!!!! So I wanted to make sure I got some this visit.
So I took them over to the old barn. YES.... it is still standing!!! They haven't done anything to it yet - I am really hoping it stands for another year. I love that place!!!

My parents are huge bikers. Well they are not huge - but they are REALLY into biking! They have done a few bike trips through the states, and across the provinces. This trip they went from Manitoba to Vancouver Island and back through here before heading home tomorrow. They have sooo many funny stories (they go with a group of bikers) and totally have us cracking up with their stories. Biking has become a huge part of their lives.

So naturally..... I wanted bike shots. It was soo much fun! I hope I get to do this type of shooting again.... so many ideas and the pictures are so cool! I have a ton to go through.... something really different than normal. Rohan and Kade are really into the bike too. Kade more than Ro surprisingly. She would wander off all on her own and hop on the bike. She was VERY disappointed that grandpa had the foresight to remove the key lol. She was intent on starting it up.
And these helmets.... well they weigh as much as her lol. And she was carrying it around and trying it on. We may be in trouble with this kid!

I love this!

There are NO WORDS to say how much I love this pics. None.

They do border on crazy ;)

She was off on her own... in her own little world. And loving it!

One of the cutest things ever. That helmet is pretty heavy for her little body!

Bobble head.

We're laughing pretty hard when it fell off. She's all 'what'?

After climbing up with grandpa once he was apparently VERY confident to go up alone. As he did. Without telling anyone. And then did it once more to prove how capable he was. So to the families I photographed there before - sorry. There was a ladder. It just took someone who was 'in the know' about barns lol. My dad found it no problem!

And then I hooked up with my mom and took the kids and nephews (and a dayhomie) to the park. It is very different having both parentals in visiting at the exact same time! So she was hard at work on swing duty. again. bet she won't miss that!!! They NEED a button to get the swings swinging by themselves. Too much work!

Keagan. One day I AM going to get my revenge on you. And you know what I'm talking about ;) Lucky for you..... I will love you no matter what. One day the story of what happened to you at the park today.... will be enough revenge if I tell it in front of the 'right' people!!!


  1. Love love love the barn and Kade sitting on that bike! Looks like an awesome day!

  2. Old, not computer savvy, just realized where the pictures of Richard and I are. They are awesome!



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