Sunday, July 18, 2010

365 day 229 why??? | Calgary children's photographer

Why are there mosquitoes? When my kids ask me this I actually don't have a reason. I mean really - could dragonflies live on something else? What do mosquitoes do? Other than cause misery.

She is COVERED in these welts. I am using a combo of baking soda/water paste and after bite - but they are brutal. As if being sick all last night and today isn't enough - she was also beyond itchy. Rohan is covered too - he actually has 3 just on his face.

And why so stores sell these??? SERIOUSLY.... who the heck wants these things? And who buys them? Or right. SIGH. We do. Rohan came home with one for him and one for his sister. My ears are still ringing. I am sure our neighbours are THRILLED. And then... after buying them... you expect them NOT to honk them in the house?????



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