Wednesday, July 21, 2010

365 day 231 creepy creepy | Calgary photographer

Creepy Creepy Ingleside.......
I was in Ingleside today checking out places for a photo shoot. Without my kids. Freedom!!! Ingleside is sooooo pretty. So pretty!!! I took a side trip over to Spiller Road knowing that I could get a great view of downtown just because I COULD. With no screaming crying kids lol.
So I went over and got sidetracked when I saw another street that looked promising. So I took it and found.... this creepy creepy looking school. It is the kind of place that you walk up to it and get the heebie jeebies!!!

I took some pics and was in love with the possibilities that could be..... great stairways, walls, doors, windows..... made for an awesome photo session!!! The tower on top is falling apart with peeling paint, the lower windows are boarded and covered with wire mesh stuff. The bushes are overgrowing and the basketball court is falling apart - with only one hoop.

Seriously.... does this like a CBE school??? The front of the school. It's beautiful, but intriguing. I don't get it!

Oh the possibilities!!!! Awesome wall.... two staircases.... SWEET!!!!

Red doors! High staircases! Now look closely. Over the bottom door inset in the stone it says 'BOYS'. Not your typical school.......  The other side had an awning thing over where I am assuming it says GIRLS. Not sure though.

The bottom windows are all covered like this.

And then in the back of the school there is this???

So who can fill me in?
This is Ramsay School. Is it still a school? It reminds me mire of an orphanage or something else worse. Gave me the creeps. Can't imagine kids going to school here... no matter how awesome that playground is!

AND NOW..... my dad just told me this looks IDENTICAL to a school he went to for high school. So maybe it's all in my head. I still find it creepy hahahahaha.


  1. you bet it is still used as a school... good times

  2. Have you been in it? I want to know all about it lol.

  3. It's a great school! My brothers went there for their entire elementary lives, and the older is just starting highschool. The inside is just as old as the outside, but it's as solid as can be. They built that playground a few years ago with money from fundraising like casino volunteering and Stampede parking (the parents). They had another, but it needed some serious upgrades. They take a picture every year of the entire student body on the playground, from the rooftop of the school. CBE was going to shut it down a few years back, and the parents managed to keep it open, and it's been good ever since. The boys and girls signs are just a testament to how old it is (which, btw, is 98. It was built in 1912).

  4. Thanks Milee.... I love love learning about the history of buildings! And I really want to learn about this one :) I would LOVE to see the insides. My dad told me if it is like the one he went to - the ceilings inside would be really high and the bottom floor like a basement. Why are the windows all railed up?
    The playground is fantastic!



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