Thursday, July 22, 2010

365 day 232 moving at warp speed | Calgary children's photographer

Having  kids has sure taught me that life never slows down. I'm sure everyone can agree with me.
When I was young I had all these milestones I could NOT wait to reach. And EVERYTHING seemed like took FOREVER!!!! I want to be a teenager, I want my license, I want to be 18, I want to move out.... and the days slowly crawl by.
Now I am amazed how quickly it seems my children hit milestones that when they were born felt like forever away! Ever day is a blur.... one running into the next into the next...... and I am getting old.

How can this be? I want to slow it all down! I want to have more time with these little beings before they head off to school. Before I am not cool. Before they look at me like I am absolutely insane trying to teach them something (ok I may already be getting that from one child lol!) I want more time with my little people!!!  When people come to visit life gets even more busy. Juggling work, visiting, kids needs it all becomes rather tricky. Add to that a new baby and even more company over my sisters and life just becomes plain old messy!

It seems like you just are in a constant whirlwind.... making sure everyone is ok, playing nicely, staying out of trouble, and  having fun while balancing the needs like food, wiped bums, snotty noses, baths and mix in the time you want to have visiting with the grown ups. Because really as a SAHM you MUST take advantage of any and all grownup time - it doesn't happen all the time!!!

And as the day wears on as tired as you are and as cranky as the kids get I stop and wonder... WHERE did the day go? Another one down. Now let's do it all over again tomorrow!

one day of life in the fast lane~ I got the kids up and ready. Had a session cancel so in a surprise twist of event packed my kids and my mom up to go downtown. We went up and down Stephen Ave, 17the and 9th. We bought Crave cupcakes - the best in the world and a sandwich from the BEST DELI EVER on 17th.
Once we had our fill of downtown we ran to Jenny's and took the kids all to the park. Upon where Kade dumped a full bottle of lemonade all over the car and her car seat and herself. Oh well.... she just got dirtier at the park! Then we came back and I brought my crew home. Found out my dad and Bev were on their way over with their biker crew so I quickly washed the floors and generally cleaned up. And ordered pizza. Because no matter how hard I try I just can NOT do everything sometimes! Phone call - the parentals are lost. Get that sorted. Another call - yep they are lost again. Send Dion to go get them. Then everyone showed up. FULL HOUSE. People left for a movie. People left because it was going to storm and they were here on bikes. I went to get a pepsi before the rest of the people left. Enter - thunderstorm of the year. Screaming sister, crying baby, screaming kids. Jenny's car windows are open. NO WAY is she going out there. She attempted and upon opening the door lightning flashed and thunder crashed together. Felt like it was coming in our house! She screamed (it was really America's Funniest Movies worthy) so out I go decked out in my fall fur jacket lol. Hey I'm not getting soaked! People come back - movie is sold out. We wait out the storm. It's hours after bedtime. Finally my sister's crew makes it to the car. Time to........ relax. Ok sleep. Because that day just required sleep.

Last night was not a night I was not wondering where the day went either. I was praying for it to end. After we left my sister's yest afternoon Kade fell asleep on the couch. We poked and prodded, yelled and whispered, promised FOOD even and we could not wake her up. Finally after we had supper I decided to put her to bed. Of course she woke up then. And man what a wakeup. Screaming and crying for daddy (who was outside). I tried and tried to console her, get her to eat, calm her down. Quickly realising that was not going to happen I decided it was bedtime. While holding the tanrtuming screaming mess that was my child I reached for a diaper. And then. OH MY. WHAT was the warm wetness dripping down my arm, my leg.... she peed. All. over. me.

Awesome. Now I need a shower and she needs a bath. She is still crying. D comes to get her in the bath thank goodness. I go change to my jammies - giving up on the day completely. Enter my friend V who came to pick up her pics lol. Sorry!

After her bath she in hungry. SIGH. Back downstairs to eat her supper. Which the dog got ahold of and ATE! Off to make her supper. Please please let this end!

Then I finally got her to bed. Where she stayed up for another hour and a half. Annoying her brother. Who started yelling for me. While I am trying to watch pics of my dad and Bev's trip to Holland (which I am totally jealous over!). So I had to watch them twice in between going up and yelling at the children.

eventually sleep as it always does won. But a valiant battle was fought.

If you have read to here I am totally impressed. I think this post gets the award for most random, weird and perhaps uninteresting post ever!!!

So I will leave you with this. Kade CAN do everything by herself. Today she sneezed and I said Bless you. She responded yelling 'I CAN BLESS MYSELF MOM!!!!!!'

I love downtown. Not living there lol but going there. I want to rent a lens or two and spend a day down there.

There is ALWAYS a fight for the swings. Note to the City of Calgary: Bridlewood park needs more swings. Two is never enough!

What is it about purses????? Can't keep them out of it. She has a whole park to play in. And chooses to do this.

Ways to have fun without spending a dollar. Who needs a park?


  1. OMG - Kades 'bless you' comment was priceless!! That girl is hilarious!

    LOVE the pictures of the kids playing around the sign pole!

  2. Wow! Crazy! You are the greatest mom going through all this and still spending time with your kids.



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