Monday, July 5, 2010

365 day 218 crazy skies and broken glass | Calgary photographer

So thought today was going to be nice. Ummmmm or not.
I set up the bouncy house for the kids. My nephews were coming over as my sister had a dr's appt. I am SO going to be an auntie to another little boy VERY VERY soon!! Not soon enough for her.... she is totally ready lol. Those last few weeks.... oh how they suck.

So the kids were out bouncing around..... when these crazy clouds rolled in and man it got cold and rained like CRAZY. Then out came the sun. Then down came the rain. It would be nice to get some summer in, between all this RAIN and COLD. It's getting pretty old. FAST. and if it is going to rain - please at least let us get some good thunderstorms out of it!!!

the beginning... looked like harmless white clouds.

Then WHAM.

I ran out like a maniac packing up the bouncy house (there was NO WAY I was letting it dry out inside again!) and got inside before the deluge.The first one lol.

That was it. The kids were stuck inside to play. Boys (and Kade) play rough. Apparently they were playfighting (and not really each other - the air or so I'm told by Jaxon) and Keags caught the mirror.

He was ok - not crying but he had one little cut that kept on bleeding. He was quite proud of the band aid.

Wow. Time to clean my lens. Nice spots on all my pics lol.


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