Friday, July 9, 2010

365 day 220 Hello Riley... we love you :)

My nephew is HOME :) His blood sugar levels are still a little low and he is soooo sleepy. But he is so cute!!! Looks JUST like Jaxon did minus a bit of hair. He is teeny and tiny and wrinkly and smells sooo babyish I could just sit and hold and snuggle him FOREVER.


I have to fight Kade for him. LITERALLY. That girl is in love with him!!! She kisses and snuggles, holds and loves that little boy. Seriously trying to lift him RIGHT out of my hands! I was putting some lotions on him and he started crying and she came running in demanding to know what I had done to him! ROFL. She loves him. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance :) She is going to be all over him... shoving soothers in his mouth, petting his head and smothering him as she does with all babies. Good thing he (so far) is a good sport!!!

The boys all love him too. They are such proud big brothers - that baby is going to be the most loved baby around. All of us were all over him... no need for swings or bouncy chairs I think he was only put down for a few minutes here or there.

Congrats to my sister and bil on your newest addition. He is beautiful and perfect and loved. We are so so very happy for you :)

Now... I had all these fun great pics going... until photoshop closed on me again. I give up. I have to be up at 5 to get ready for Stampede parade. So this is it. For now.

She could sit like this forever. Or until suppertime ;) She's a trouper too... he spit up and she still wanted to hold him.

Fascinated with his hands and his eyes... she is just loving him.

Rohan finally had a turn. funny... when you hold the baby you quickly become a popular person with the other kids! Everyone wants a turn getting their hugs and kisses in. It's so cute.

How Kade feels about being told Rohan IS going to have a turn.

How Ro feels about his new cousin......

how Kade feels about Ro holding him.....

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  1. Awwww! What a cutie! Kade totally needs a brother or sister. Congrats to Jenny and fam!



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