Monday, July 12, 2010

day 223 ahhh sweet summer | Calgary photographer

You have to catch those rare days while they are here! Because if you don't.... you will miss them. The hot gorgeous summer days we dream of all winter are in short supply here. SHORT.
So we make the best of every non rainy non cold day we have here.

We went out with Gram for the day. It was a stellar day.
Started out with breakfast at Cora's in Okotoks. BEST BREAKFAST EVER. If you have not been - you must go. NOW. It is fantastic.
Next up was Big Rock. Who knew there were no trails there hahahaha. Tip - do not wear flip flops. Your kid will be totally peeod that you can not climb up to the top of the big rocks.
Then we went to Black Diamond. Played at the park then headed over for ice cream. SO so good. If you haven't had it - well you should go there too!

He had no fun at all climbing the rocks.


We think he could have stayed there all day. Nope we are SURE!

Signs of summer.... water bottles, summer clothes, summer light and ice cream. Me likes!

Apparently likes cherry ice cream. Minus the actual cherries.

he did this on purpose and thought he was SO FUNNY! It was funny - b/c he is the clean freak, but he was copying Kade as we were totally laughing at her.

Signs that you are in small town. took us a while to figure out what the cops were doing. There are actually two of them. One of them is busy writing a ticket when I took this. no cop car in sight. They stand at the 4 way stop sign and give tickets to those that roll through.  heehee.

THAT was a super awesome day. Thanks Gram!


  1. Ah yes, they always sit at that corner!!

    Next time your in Okotoks check out the Heartland Cafe. Best Breakfast in town!

  2. LOVE cora's, best place EVER! Love the pic of Ro sitting down with the grass in front, gorgy!!Looks like an awesome day!



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