Saturday, July 24, 2010

365 day 234 it's hard to say good-bye | Clagary photographer

I moved here almost 10 years ago. 10 YEARS! I moved with no family, no friends, and big dreams.
Most of those dreams have come true and my sister did choose to move here. BUT I still miss my family and friends. Sometimes a little more than others.
And I miss them A LOT the moment they announce it's time to go. I miss not being able to call them up and visit. Or go out shopping. All the little things. I really miss that my kids can't see my parents whenever they want. Or their uncles. I miss the beach, the bbq's, and drooling over Bev's shoes. I miss hanging out with friends and the laid back lifestyle.

It sucks. But I love Alberta. I am not won over with Calgary - but Alberta I really love. And Dion does not love winter. So here we stay. And here we sit missing people after they leave from a great visit. Knowing there will always be more visits! But never enough for me! So people.... come out and visit. Now. Or tomorrow. I need to clean today ;)

One set of parentals left yesterday. They never stay for long.... but we miss them all the same :)

Drive safely!!!


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