Thursday, July 15, 2010

365 day 226. sweet summer light | Calgary children's photographer

This is what happens when summer decides to show.
And you are outside during a magical light hour.

It started off as a reg day outside, kids playing around and such..... I was of course snapping some fun pics the usual mix of crazy shadows and harsh sunlight that is part of the fun of midday shooting.
At some point though the light changed. Usually I notice it when the kids are in bed already. But today.... the light was just awesome as we were coming inside for supper. Made for some rich fun photos.

Although - the looks Kade gave for the pics do not portray fun. I was hoping for some gorgeous shots. She told me she was smiling. Then she yelled she was smiling. LOL.

Reg midday harsh light..... they were having so much fun! The water was soooo cold though! And Kade decided she had enough. But Ro kept splashing. So she..........

did this!

Practicing his somersaults!

And then the sun dipped lower. The shade areas grew. And the sunlight was SWEET. A most excellent combo!

I LOVE this picture. Technically everything is wrong with it. However... that does not stop it from being my fav photo of the day!


  1. Your "technically wrong" picture (which I also love, and don't think it's wrong), has awesome bokeh!



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