Sunday, July 25, 2010

365 day 235 Dutch Blitz!!!!!!! with a newborn;) | Calgary photographer

I can NOT believe I forgot about this game!!!! Can NOT!!! I grew up with it and it is hands down one of the funnest (yes it IS a word) games to play EVER.
As Troy said last night.... if you don't have any enemies in real life - just play this game!

It is intense and moves at an absurdly fast pace. The perfect game!!! Did I mention intense?

The deck we played with forever was tattered, cards all falling apart.... that is what I remember most of the game. The well used cards and all the fun, screaming, and laughter.

It was a smashing good time. The more people you have the more hectic and intense the game is. so with 6 people we were having a great time!!!

So fun. So. so. FUN!!!

Just as I was saying Jenny these cards are too new... they need to be broken in.... she got totally into the next round and dumped her drink ALL over K and T. Hahahahaha. As you can tell - we all thought is was hysterical! And all drinks were moved out of harms way.

Can you see her hand? All ones and a 4. Cheater ;)

And lil baby Riley was sooooo good. He slept through most of the yelling, the screaming, the crying (ok there wasn't really crying). And when he was up it was adorable. He's getting so big. SO FAST.

Trying to get a smile....

And a smile. This would be the tail end of it lol. Hard to focus at night!

Heard daddy's voice and was really trying to find him!

Awwww grandma and baby moments.....



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