Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Yesterday was insane. I had NO TIME. Seriously NO TIME.
Kade has definitely hit the threes with a vengance. Three is so far my absolutely my most hated age. HATE IT. They are on the cusp of understanding while staying on the verge of toddler temper tantrums and toddler thinking.


For them and for the parents. I seriously wish there was a fast forward button just to get through it. To where they turn into a real person.

Bedtime has turned into HELL. And we really just got out of that with Rohan. Those few months of smooth bedtime seem to be slipping away quickly. And we are not sure what to do about that!
It is all fighting and yelling and screaming and time outs and locked doors. It usually ends in Kade being locked in her room and us listening to her scream until she falls asleep against the door.
Tonight as an added bonus she added a rousing remix. It was a rendition of 'I HATE MOMMY' mixed with banging on her door. Isn't being a mom so awesome sometimes?????

I HAD to update this... after posting Kadence woke up. Crying. Screaming 'I want Daddy'. Well he's outside working. So she had me. I went in and found sometime during her performance she had taken her jammies and diaper off. So she woke in a huge puddle o pee. so I cleaned her up. Got her ready for bed. And then. It started all.over.again. The screaming. The tantrums. SO OVER IT!!!!
Then I caught Rohan in the bathroom. Shaving his face. WITH A REAL RAZOR. He must have lifted it rom our bathroom. This is me cuddling up in the fetal position praying for it to end.

Anyways.... back to the point. Yesterday bedtime was again dragged out for hours. As I finally sat at the computer to get to work something strange happened and a storm rolled in. THAT will be my next post ;) The one that is really for today.

But due to the storm and kids waking up I didn't get to post this. So So cute a few hours before bedtime!

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  1. Cutie pie! They have to be cute while they go through these times! Its self protection.



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